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Status Report: #7

That report is about:
  • How to make your workspace to be ultra-inspiring?
  • Riveting: Vertical Stabilizer (The tail of the 1st rivet)
  • Riveting: Rudder

That time our report is very heavy in achievements and we
are super happy to put it here. Let's go and see it step by

  • How to make your workspace to be ultra-inspiring?

Lets admit it, not every moments in the garage are
energetic and effective, sometimes you make mistakes
and desperately looking for some motivational boost.
We want the walls to radiate aviation, we want
to have our goal in front of the eyes all the time.
If you remember clearly what you want to achieve, it
keeps you extremely motivated and highly energetic.

Alex came to our place once and ask us: "Hey do you want
me to put some planes on the wall for you?", apparently
he was doing this as a small business mostly printing
some De Vinci stuff on people seals. Simple as that
2 weeks after this conversation he landed in our
garage again with his worker and they made this two
awesome posters. Our place is not the same since
that moment. Each time we enter the place we know
exactly why we are going to spend all this hours there.

Every project has it's memorable moments. In our
garage such a moment is the very first rivet
installation. It is the last step to finalize all the
preparation and the first one towards making real parts
of the plane. As you may guess, we are going
to count our rivets from here till that magic moment
when the plane takes off from a nearby airfield.

  • Riveting: Vertical Stabilizer (The tail of the 1st rivet)

I have seen that construction once or twice already but
that time it was tied together with clecos and a true
felling came that it is all temporary and will be dismantled
in a moment - that exactly what happened. But that time
it is a completely different feeling: it is done, it is
there and one day we are going to fly on that part.

Less than 300 rivets ? and I am holding the first real
part of the plane. What can be more exciting?! What a
divine moment indeed. Nothing can stop us now!

  • Riveting: Rudder

The Rudder riveting is a bit more complex job. In most of it's
parts it is very similar to the Vertical Stab, but some parts
are new and are directly related to aerodynamics. Here we are
breaking the leading edge just a little bit -- not to much but
just enough to make it perfectly aligned after the leading edge

Now the bending part: it looks a bit dangerous to make
some round structures, but we did a good preparation
and have actually done it once or twice on a training project.
We also prepared the right tools: if that is the correct
term for a piece of a plumbing pipe. Anyway, it worked
perfectly including the blind riveting later. Great joy
to see your first self-made leading edge of the real

What is that? No, it is not a fuel leak sealing: it is
an idea by Vans: how to cushion your crack-prone
trailing edge. This time the wedge is riveted with
what is called the wet riveting technique: code-name
for squeezing up some goop between the skin and the wedge.

A bit more than a thousand rivets and we have our second
part ready.

Guess what: once you have two parts that are sitting together
on the plane, you can try the integration just in time you have
them done. That is exactly what we had after the ruder was done,
done, done. (No screws yet, waiting for the total Empennage

  • Summary:

Hard to believe that we got those boxes just about a month
ago. This is still the first shy steps into the world of RVators.
But 2 parts of a real plane is already something we can
be proud of, and we are! We will continue to unbox the aviation
for ourself and all the great guys that love to build stuff.

Roman & Dima
Blogging my RV14 here:
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