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Another problem that I have been having possibly related to EarthX is that my alternator will trip the 5amp breaker sometimes after takeoff. I currently have two B&C alternators and one B&C voltage regulator. A simple toggle switch determines which alternator is active. With a PC625 battery, it?s stable and the circuit breaker never trips. With the EarthX, the front alternator will trip the circuit breaker but the pad mounted alternator won?t. B&C said that the switch may have enough resistance to cause their voltage regulator to sense an issue and trip the circuit breaker but the problem goes away with a standard lead acid battery like the PC625. So, the EarthX is on the way back to factory and in the interim, I?ll use the trusty and very heavy PC625.

Besides these issues, I LOVE the EarthX and hope I don?t have to go back to lead. Maybe a backup EarthX mounted on firewall is the answer, who knows.
If the BMS disconnects the battery during flight it would cause the B&C alternator to crowbar its field due to overvoltage, tripping the field circuit breaker. You could tell if this is the case by a brief big voltage spike just before the trip. Does your EFIS data show a voltage variance just before the event?
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