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Congratulations Chris!

Couple notes...

Long time ago, a very qualified fellow was kind enough to share FEA models of the rollbar. The assumption made for analysis is that the aircraft might still have some forward velocity after a flip, sliding tail-first in the original direction of travel, which would tend to bend the rollbar hoop forward toward the pilot. The models showed what we might expect. A plain hoop added to the stock Vans mid-cockpit crossmember was very weak. A braced hoop was better, but not optimum. The best solution was two hoops, added at the base plates. 'Nuff said.

Max speed will be down on the deck where you can develop all the 400's HP.

Next flight, note that it's easy to bump the yellow canopy release knob with an elbow, or perhaps catch it with a sleeve. If that lever goes forward in flight, the canopy is gone. After bumping it enough times to scare myself, I added a secondary blocking device so the lever cannot be moved forward accidentally.

Watch the rearmost rivet in the piano hinge. I found it necessary to replace it with a screw and nut.

Question for you; does the Showplanes cowl offer some space above the forward corner of the #1 and (in particular) the #2 angle valve cylinder heads? It's very tight with a stock cowl.
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