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From Anthony

My instructor, John Putra, and I planned for my solo weeks before, however winds were never in my favor. Once I arrived to our airport I felt ready to fly, whether or not I was going to solo. It was a clear day with a lot of other aircraft in the pattern. We went up and practiced my landings on runway 29. Everything was going in motion. After a couple of take offs and landings John decided it was time for me to solo. Winds checked out, but there was also a small 4kt crosswind coming from 220; which was nothing big for me. I remember my instructor pulling out his Canon camera and recording me while I was going through my start-up checklist. At that very moment it kicked in, the realization that I'm flying an aircraft by myself! I then preceded to taxi to the ramp and then continued my checklist. Once everything was all set and checked I did everything by the book. I didn't think about anything else other than what I was taught.

As far as building a plane... it is freaking awesome! Although I did not build Falcon 1 (our flight instruction plane), building Falcon 2 lets me understand the whole concept and design of the Van's RV-12. It is such a beautiful aircraft

I'd just like to say thank you to not only the mentors and parents who run Eagle's Nest, but also to Mr. Senft. He spends many many hours on maintaining our plane and figuring out the fiscal aspects of our club. His work is definitely making an impact for the future of aviation.
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