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For early flights I like to stay within gliding distance of the airport and up to 4,500'. I would recommd a step climb or a higher airspeed climb to keep the CHT's under 420 max, and under 400 as much as possible. Enriched your mixture a little, if possible, to keep the CHT's down.

From your data, it appears that your EGT's are running close to 1400 when your CHT's are high. I suite that's during takeoff and initial climb. While it is a valid argument that actual EGT values don't mean much, the fact that they are high at, I assume, full power, and then come down as you reduce power, probably means you are running too lean at full power. On an IO engine, I like to see EGT's in the low 1200's for takeoff and initial climb. When I pull back to 5 squared for prolonged climb, I lean to the low 1300's.

While it is fairly normal to see higher CHT's during break-in, it is still good to try to keep them lower as I mentioned above.

Check your mixture. I am fighting with a very similar issue with my RV-6A as posted on recently. The first thing I am going to do is check for intake leaks (not as critical on a fuel injected engine) and rich enough mixture.
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