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Default CHAPTER 6 ?KELLI GIRL?s Voyage Home


On Tuesday, 24 November, two days before Thanksgiving, Scott topped off the charge in KELLI GIRL’s battery before rolling her out for her first flight, fully wrapped in a color scheme that has lived in my mind for decades.

Note the absence of checkerboard around the nose. Scott and I agreed that running the silver, blue, and red border all the way to the nose just really makes the look sleeker and cleaner.

Scott flew KELLI GIRL to Northwest Regional Airport near Roanoke TX in three easy hops. The first gas stop was at the same field near Tallahassee that I used on the way.

They had great weather all the way. Next stop was in Louisiana:

After a short delay at the Louisiana FBO, Scott arrived at 52F and followed me in our blue F-150 ‘Follow Me’ truck to our hangar and shut her down…home at last.

Scott and I tucked KELLI GIRL into her hangar…

…did a quick post-flight walk-around, then I swept him off to DFW airport to catch his flight back to Palm Beach. Of course, we stopped by Dickey’s BBQ in Roanoke for some quick but delicious Texas barbecue.

This has been a victory in every which way. Thank you, thank you, thrice thank you, to:

Scott Farnsworth at Aircraft Wraps,

Jerri Bergen at VictoryGirl,

And Jason Knoll at Dream Scheme Designs.

So, yes, the dream is now reality. I loved this aircraft before, but am immensely proud to be the owner/builder and pilot of KELLI GIRL. My bride Kelli loves her too, and is demanding more weekend trips. Now, if the darned rain would just let up, Kelli and I want to take KELLI GIRL flying!

THE END (until our NEXT adventure )

Sid "Scroll" Mayeux, Col, USAF (ret)
52F NW Regional/Aero Valley Airport, Roanoke TX (home of DR's Van Cave)
"KELLI GIRL" N260KM RV-7A tipper

Exemption waived.
Proud and grateful 2022 -=VAF=- Contributor

PS: I am not an influencer. I have no influence. Just ask my kids.

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