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We're sort of in this camp... We also own a '57 Cessna 180 that I fear sooner rather than later won't be economical to maintain and I'm eyeing a potential replacement. Considered the Rans S21 as a follow-up project to the RV-7 but were put off by the service ceiling/engine size limits and some of the things I learned while lurking on their builder forums. Opted in February to start up a -10 instead with an undefined keep/sell agenda and are just finishing the empennage, wings were on a six month wait and are expected to crate just before Thanksgiving.

I was sitting in the tent at OSH when a friend who had gone to the Vans forum texted the news of the -15 announcement and the first reaction was, well, unprintable. However, if they aren't even going to have it ready to reveal until OSH '22 and if they continue to have production backlogs AND considering the growing pain issues my neighbor experienced as one of the first -14 builders, I figure we're realistically looking at a year before we know what boxes the -15 checks off and probably two years before it is a known entity fully brought to market and available for kit delivery.

TLDR; we're opting to continue the -10 and wait and see. If the -15 is everything we're hoping for it will become our third RV build, but we're really going to need more than two seats for the -15. Unless you're fully confident that the -15 will be THE airplane that suits your needs better than the current offerings, you will have lost a year in the build process and order queue waiting to find out if you'd prefer it. Figure 6-8 months for ANY wing or fuse kit, you could always put down your deposit on a current model kit that you think you want now and delay until you get a better idea of the -15 shape and mission, upon which time I have no doubt Vans will let you change orders as there will certainly be someone in line behind you eager to take your cancelled kit.
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