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Default 100% finished

I just got my 9A back in the air after the wrap job. Design was printed on a chrome Avery Dennison paper. The caricature on the tail is my Grandfather. He was a barnstormer in the teens and twenties. His flying circus performed at the very first air show at Oshkosh, WI in 1925 He joined the army air corp in 1931 and retired a full colonel in 1953. During WWII he flew the Hump and was a base commander in Burma.

The caricature was drawn by Don Barclay, an American actor and artist. During the time preceding World War II Barclay spent time with General Claire Lee Chennault's 14th AAF famous Flying Tigers unit (then known as the "China Blitzers") where he illustrated every person in the group.
From October to November 1943, Barclay did a one-man USO show No. 302 for the troops; touring every base in North Africa, Arabia, India, and China with his act and drawing caricatures of the men as he went. When he later returned to China in 1945 he estimated he had drawn over 10,000 caricatures of servicemen
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