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Default wing spars

HI, My name is Mark and I live in Davenport Washington west of Spokane d outin the sticks....I am looking at buying a very early RV-3 that has not flown in years. IT is CN#161, a 1971 kit that was finished in 1994 but never flew much, passed around a lot....the wings are off, the current owner is installing leading edge wing concern is the wing spars. I dont plan on acro in it at all and I also hope to make it light as possible, just to fly around in . I have read there is a CN-1 and a CN-2 that must be done...I dont understand what the CN-2 is. I guess I Could buy the dwg. from Vans and maybe understand it then again maybe not... I dont what the big blocks are for??????they look attached to the lower and upper spar caps.....
Thanks, Mark Smith (
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