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Originally Posted by rleffler View Post
It really depends on what you mean by gps data.

Like Bob stated, it could be a rs-232 issue, which can be either an open circuit or bad configuration.

Latitude/longitude coordinates are sent on the rs-232 connection, whereas flight plan data is sent via Arinc. Which set of gps Data is the issue?
Flight plan data isn't going to either the flight display (AF4500) or the map display (AF3500) and they display "GPS Integrity" with the red X when set to get flight plan data from the 430W. The 430W works fine by itself and flight instruments are fine. I do get ADS-B-in data on the map display. This all apparently started right after the EchoUAT was installed. After a long time on the phone yesterday with Rob Hickman and with uAvionix, my buddy did find the software manipulation necessary to get ADS-B+ running, but still no 430w and Rob's pretty confident that it's a wiring problem. We're going pull the seats and get under the panel (he is going to get under the panel) and look for a connector that's not connected. General consensus so far is that in the ARINC, but I'm sure he'll plug anything in that he sees uplugged. I'm not sure what all is involved with with an EchoUAT install, but it seems reasonable that there had to be some unplugging and re-plugging involved. Anyway...that was the conclusion from the discussions with the companies.
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