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Spent good half hour on Spaceport Watch and headed to Moriarty the place Gary Palinkas suggested in case I need low no-budget overnight.

My tach was happy.

Me too. Glider Capital of the World. Moriarty, NM. Winds were howling along multi mile runway. Third of it was marked inop.

The place was total modesty. Who was there knows.

Met a pilot with nice half polished Cessna-140 he was heading to Tucson for their annual thing. Are you the guy who built the plane in an apartment? I want a picture... Good thing his camera backfired and it was getting really dark. He was first for crew car but I was first to occupy the terminal. He gave me a ride to the town to get a bite and settled at Holiday Inn himself. Forgot your name buddy if it happens you are reading this thank you very much.

This was my quarters.

Winds were howling all night. Some strange creaking sounds and some banging on the roof. Scary. Then after midnight somebody punched the code and entered the terminal... It was sheriff. "Just checking if everything is OK you may want to close those curtains everybody does". After he left I couldn't sleep anymore. Went outside to check the plane and tie down. Took a flashlight. Left main tire pressure was low. Need to wait till sunrise shower would help. Kitchenette had no coffee...

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.

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