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Default N425fc

Chuck & Cheryl Kullberg

Here is the finishing touch on my 6A that has been flying for a year and half now and remains to be re-useable! (That's a good thing you know.)

It was painted by R.T. Foster. My wife and I have admired his work for many years now at EAA Oshkosh. He is a remarkable artist.

A little background is in order. Before the RV project was started my wife, and intrepid building assistant, took about five years of ballroom dance instruction. That resulted in a love for dancing, and especially the foxtrot. Also, having the name Charles, many people like to call me Charlie. Foxtrot Charlie seemed to be a good fit. What could be more appropriate than dancing on a cloud with with your soul mate. As for the 425..............well, that's classified. Only my wife will ever know the significance of that.

Safe Flying -

Chuck Kullberg
N425FC 88C, Palmyra, WI
email: rv6a'at'
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