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Originally Posted by rocketbob View Post
The problem with selling used S-TECs is they won't reissue or transfer the STC for certified installations. What a wonderful company!
Well, maybe yes, maybe no. I ran into this issue selling my PA-22 tailwheel conversion kit which had been issued to a specific airplane SN. I called Univair to see if it could be transferred and they (Univair) made me aware that the Feds had recently cracked down on the practice of "serializing" the STC paperwork. Because the STC paperwork belongs to the Feds, it amounted to "tampering with a Federal document" by placing a SN restriction on it. So today, STC's are generic in nature and can't be tied to a particular aircraft or person. If you have the parts required and the STC exists for your airplane, you should be good to go.

I will certainly check deeper however.
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