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Default 2013 Airventure and Pilots N Paws

Looks like you've got a good plan.

Whatever you do, Tanya, I'm sure you'll reach a lot of people. Last year, I emailed the PnP Executive Director and asked if there was going to be a booth so I could drop by and visit. No, the cost was too prohibitive. They talked me into taking a bunch of flyers to hand out. So I took about 250 and just "cold called" on several different pilot-looking people as I walked around. I had some very interesting conversations.

And of course, somehow I let Bob Collins talk me into a radio interview on EAA radio. That turned out to be fun.

I won't be going this year, but I hope a lot of folks are introduced to PnP through your efforts. Everyone I've met who flies PnP flights says it's one of the most rewarding things they've ever done as a pilot. I certainly think so.
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