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Welp, thats gotta be it then. This kit was ordered in 1991. I dont foresee the one on the bottom skin being an issue as the builder has it tied in with the flange for the inspection plate. So its got an extra layer between the skin. The one on the top though, im not sure about. I could make up that piece easy enough but then id have to continue across with a really tight rivet spacing to make it match the previous holes or put those rivets back where they were and continue a wider pattern. I dont want to mess anything up or have it look weird. My brother paints rv's all the time at his shop, he told me whoever built those wings really knew what they were doing. Off topic now but its a shame they,... whoever they were, didnt get to finish the project. But, now its my mission to get this bird in the air after all these years of gathering dust. Ive mostly spend hours just looking at it...havent gotten all the tools i need to really do much yet.
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