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Default Installed a New Mag Today!

Got the call last week from the Boxer ladies that Magnolia had shattered her leg and needed a ride from Chicago area up to the Boxer vet here in Minne.

Just so happened that Sunday Wx looked pretty good, and I was planning to take Mom to lunch in South Bend anyway, so...... what the heck. I took out a seat, tossed in a sleeping bag and launched early with a nice tailwind.

Saw some ice jams on the big river.......

Turned the corner at Joliet and got a glimpse of the Windy City. This was my first trip with full ADS-B IN/OUT around Chicago. Money well spent. Mucho Traffic EVERYWHERE.....

Ice jams on the Big Lake!!

Nice long lunch with Mom and then on to KOXI to Meet Mags. Got some scrapes on the head and gimpy leg, but sweet as could be.

She had restful flight over the thawing tundra of Wisconsin.......

Long day, but I think I'll sleep just fine with Mags in good hands...........

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