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Default This is my regime.

Ok, time for me to chime in.

I make my living well below 1,000' and I'm here to tell you, after 43 years of doing this, it gets harder every year because of

A) In the mid-west mainly, the erection, overnight, of MET towers. These are Meteorological Evaluation towers that spring up overnight to evaluate the feasability of putting up a wind farm many hours of such and such a wind strength, etc...they're just below the 200' requirement, so they don't have lights.

B) GPS towers in farming areas. I have had so many close calls with these 199', unmarked, grey towers that provide farmers GPS enhanced signals in order to have sub 2" steering accuracy (Yep, two inches!) for their autosteer device that steers their tractors and sprayers.

Our National Ag Aviation assoc is working to mark both the MET towers and these GPS towers with alternating red and white bands and also orange balls on those almost-invisible guy wires.

We've already had a fatality last month, when a 53 year old highly experienced ag pilot hit guy wires with an 800 gallon Dromadier.

You're taking your life in your hands when you venture under 1,000' out in the countryside where it APPEARS so safe and tranquil. That's exactly where you'll find MET and GPS towers.

I used to fly under bridges and cables on the Savannah river back in the '70's when I was young and bulletproof, in the Supercub that I sprayed a couple of lakes for mosquitoes with...but older and wiser shows how foolish low-level river runs can be.

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