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Originally Posted by jdm117 View Post
I also provide outreach to the aviation community related to the installation & maintenance of ADS-B systems. My arrival to the Vans forum was spurred by the latter of these and the knowledge that many who have already equipped with ADS-B are unaware that the system is not working properly. I've had little success with the alphabet groups when seeking to publish material that would be helpful to members such as those here. So out of frustration thought I'd go VFR direct (so to speak) to a large group of the GA community and provide assist as able.
Thank you for doing whatever it takes to share what you know with the flying public! As a pilot who works for one of the experimental EFIS manufacturers, I really welcome your feedback and knowledge. Maybe you can help shed some light on some of the mysteries we've been seeing, like Jay and his ADS-B issues:

I thought we had the details nailed down for all the settings and equipment required for ADS-B broadcast now, before 2020, but stories like Jay's make me wonder if we have something wrong or if the system is still just quirky.
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