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Originally Posted by ctbecker View Post
Must be a common problem this weekend. My drawing 17 only shows 12 rivet locations on the bottom of the wing, but there are actually 21 holes. I just assumed - it appears correctly - that the holes not shown on the drawing are for platenuts. However, if it hadn't been for the recent service bulletin on wing installation, along with the drawing which showed a platenut on the bottom, I might have made a much different assumption. As it was I marked the holes in the bottom fuselage skin with a hole duplicator, drilled with a number 40 bit and hit every hole. Then enlarged for the 8R8 screw.
Now that's interesting. I am sure that I don't have 21 holes on that rib. Compared to the top skin, it appears that they skipped every other hole. I wonder if that's where the nutplate holes are supposed to go? The plot thickens. Of course, my kit is an old one from '99, so who knows how many changes have been made to this drawing? I am waiting on them to get back to me in email with the answer and the updated drawing.
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