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Originally Posted by g3xpert View Post
The navigation database for the GTN 650 can be updated for $299.00 per year. You have the option of updating the other databases on the GTN 650, but the information that would be included would be identical to the information that exists in the G3X Touch supplemental databases, so many find it sufficient to update the Navigation database only.

Originally Posted by gfb View Post
That's great to hear, I worry about Jeppesen pricing. Sounds like they price the same as Garmin for NavData. Do they have a package including terrain/obstacle/AirportDiagram as well?
Sure they do - but as Justin mentions above, there is no point in purchasing those for the IFD440 (or any GTN device for that matter) if you are operating with a Dynon screen(s), since the same data for terrain/obstacles is available for a lower price on the Dynon and is displayed in a much more user-friendly way on the larger moving map - unless of course you have splurged for the full G-1000 environment, in which case dollars are obviously not a problem for you.
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