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Default Database Pricing

We just want to clarify what the pricing structure looks like to keep the databases for a G3X Touch and GTN up to date. It is important to differentiate between the databases needed for the certified GTN IFR GPS Navigator, and the G3X Touch, they are purchased separately.

G3X Touch Databases

For aircraft operating in the United States, the G3X Touch databases can be updated for $49.99 a year, by purchasing the US Mini Database Bundle. This will update the Navigation database, Terrain Database, Obstacle Database, and Safetaxi database.

There are several supplemental databases available for the G3X Touch, including IFR en-route charts, VFR sectional charts, Airport directory and Garmin Flitecharts (procedure charts). These can be updated, along with the previously mentioned databases, for an additional $100 per year.

US Mini Database Bundle - $49.95


US Database Bundle - $149.95

GTN 6XX/7XX Databases

The navigation database for the GTN 650 can be updated for $299.00 per year. You have the option of updating the other databases on the GTN 650, but the information that would be included would be identical to the information that exists in the G3X Touch supplemental databases, so many find it sufficient to update the Navigation database only.


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