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Squadron Pro lamps look like a great choice, these were not available when I did up my last project. Back then I used a Baja 4 lamp light bar design, basically same lighting but wider so I had to fabricate custom mounting & wider lens & opening.
One thing I found is the spot light (15 degree light pattern) was great for lighting up the runway from 1/2 mile out, but not so good for taxiing and being able to see corners and turning. Was always a guessing game where that taxi way turn was as the beam focal point was way ahead of you and nothing but a black hole beside you. I changed out to the driving (wider angle) lamp option for this reason, also better to see those 4 legged creatures on the side of the runway, and still be happy for how it lit up the runway (1/4 mile). Also helped that the lamps were less than half the cost back then.
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