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Default Prebuy madness....

Names and dates have been changed to protect the guilty.... Mechanic gets a phone call to do a prebuy on an aircraft. Aircraft looks great on youtube... The next phone call was actually a confession that he or she had purchased the aircraft. The buyer was an A&P. He or she was not available to go get it or do the inspection. "Aircraft had hit a bush but has been repaired and is a nice aircraft. THE AIRCRAFT HIT A BUSH (and lots of other stuff) ON IT'S WAY TO THE CRASH! The usable parts of the aircraft are the data plate, wheels and some misc items. The aircraft had been put back together to look nice but the handful of metal in the suction screen and lots of other items were the death knell of the aircraft. Guys, please don't ever buy an aircraft unseen no matter how good the records or pictures look. Go find a mechanic if you have any questions whatsoever!! Anybody else out there have some horror prebuy stories? I know there have to be some good ones!!
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