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Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
thanks Larry, good catch on the 3/8th spec. I did file down the right baffle corner. When I pull the cowling again I'm also going to cut the baffle along the top it doesn't touch the top cowling, but just to be safe. I'm also going to replace the Vans sealing material I just don't like the way it sits and flexibility performance. AS appears to offer some good choices. Did you and your son make the trip to NC?? Mark C. 119RV
We did. Friday night the Wx was bad with icing forecasts. Wound up leaving at 5:00 AM on Sat It was a great trip and we had a great time. It was almost 70* and we enjoyed being warm again. My other son liked the stories and pictures enough that he chose the same location for his trip. We plan to go next weekend.

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