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Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
Pete, this is back to you... Amazing!! shut down shake.. My clearance on to that corner is 1/8th inch. That's has to be it. I'll file that corner down before the next flight.. Visit me at Schaumburg, I now have a hanger their.. Thank You!! Mark C.
Make sure you get good clearance after filing. Clear is usually pretty flexible, so you must be getting a good amount of movement/pressure on that area. Does the center of the cracking coincide with the location of that baffle corner? If that is the issue, you should see a witness mark on the inside surface of the cowl where the contact is being made. Assuming that is the issue.

Good news is that that you can blend some clear into that area and wet sand / buff it if you chose to repair.

Glad to hear you finally got a hanger at Schaumburg. Look forward to seeing you around. We need more RV's here.

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