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Originally Posted by KleensRV6 View Post
As I had tried to explain previously our trip to OSH this year had taken us not in the most direct route from KGIF to KSMB. We stayed in Plymouth because, it’s the journey.

The flight was more of a meandering route to visit our snowbird neighbors in upstate NY. The flight could have been made easily in a day but then we wouldn’t have had our savory dinner at Forked on Main in Orange VA, or drive a crew car where everything operated including the ac.

Now from KOMH to 5B2 for most it would be a scenic flight over the Allegheny Mountains, but why pass up the opportunity to fly through the NY SFRA? It’s the journey! This brings up an old Marine Corps friend Bernie Reed. We were controllers just after radios and radar were invented. Bernie had worked at NY Common Eye before retiring. Through a friend of Bernie’s who still works at the TRACON I’m referred to Eddy Sosa and Greg Semendinger who in their spare time run a flight school “Long Island Avaitors” out of KFRG. Google Greg’s name and salute when you do. Meeting up for breakfast at KFRG, Greg provides us with an excellent briefing on getting through the NY SFRA.

L to R Pilot, Greg, Right Seat

Flight in and out of KFRG up through NY SFRA

Headed up the river

Spent some time on Galway Lake, a “free” concert in Schenectady

Back on the journey through a small stretch of Canada with a quick (relative term) stop in KGVQ due to a misjudgment of our caffeine intake however, this allowed for a single leg into KSBM.

We spent a couple of days at OSH taking the technology, meeting up with old friends, and a few brats.

We filed IFR out of KSMB but in doing so found ourselves on a rather long westerly heading. I was just about to report Iowa insight when they routed us south back to our filed flight. The end of the day brought us to KOLV for dinner with friends from our Santa Barbara days.

On our last leg we had hoped to return back to KGIF from KOLV but some towering cumulus suggested we spend some time in Tallahassee. Now there are other airports with better prices on fuel in the area however, when you know you have to sit out some weather Signatures in Tallahassee is a comfortable spot. Oh yes, and the crew car...

A little lunch and we were on our way to KGIF. Special thanks to my wife the best right seat ever, who makes the journey wonderful.
Kleen’s, Greg is the real deal. I know Greg, as we both worked the same “JOB”, different units, got to fly with him many times over the years and he bought my share of my Grumman Cougar, which he uses in the flight school.

Thanks for sharing your journey with us..
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