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Morning was even better then yesterday evening. I timed my arrival to Shuttle Landing Facility 5 minutes before NASA Tower was open. As soon as they announced they are in business next second I punched in. Bumpy but good! They have really nice Japanese garden at the end of rwy 15.

Couple clouds by my regular stop at Palatka, FL.

A runway was closed. Police in training.

The breakfast at Palatka consisted of yesterday's lefovers. A grouper wrap from Sharky's and good stuff from Chipotle Grill. Turbo supplied me with platinum spoon. Where are you Con?
Checking on VAF spy network.

Up and north again. Met flying gas station.

Then landed on two islands, Ocracoke and Hatteras.

Where is N666BK?

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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