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Time to get onboard ration. I wish there was a stewardess. Obligatory food picture.

Last fuel stop for the day. York not far from KGRI Grand Island, NE.

At Grand Island airport Dean Sombke was waiting for me. Dean is a busy executive and I was very lucky to fit into his schedule. He is strategically located in the middle of the country and maintains RV Hotel active.

Dean and his partner Bruce built and own beautiful RV-10. So we jumped in my 9 and Dean flew it to Aurora where he has large hangar. Dean flies fast and my thoughts were we definitely would go around. Not a case this time Dean was able to bring fixed pitch to approach speed easy

The evening was completed here. We sampled some wine and I ended with more.

Dean thank you very much for everything! Your RV Hotel reminds me of Turbo's place in Stuart, FL.
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