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Talking Don't Have 100 Roubles Have 100 Friends

"Don't have one hundred roubles better have one hundred friends" says old Russian proverb. It's surprisingly true on this side of the world. I doubt I could make this trip to South West without great camaraderie of RV folks.

Fair amount of thought and planning went into it. I had no doubt about the Diligence my RV is simple, still young and well trained. The driver with one-year old private pilot certificate has accumulated several hundred hours of flight time and was ready for next adventure. Weather looked legal for upcoming week.

160 ponies harnessed and up we go. Out of rain to brighter future. Plan was to get to Nebraska from New Jersey by twilights. Big Brother was watching.

Pennsylvania the beautiful.

Couple hours more

Another couple hours another airport. Top off.

Couple three hours more. Fill up.

Some funny boys on the way. Biiiig jets not sure they flew according to FARs and AIM. Approach called them Cobras and Snoopies.

Не имей сто рублей, а имей сто друзей.
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