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Originally Posted by Scott Hersha View Post
Yep..... I had the 1 in a thousand with a bad switch. SureFly called me today to say that the #1 switch was indeed bad. I think this was a big surprise to them, because maybe they havenít seen this before. Itís important to them because this is a certified unit. I got STC paperwork with mine, so I assume it is the same as a certified unit. This is a good company. I purchased this SIM in November of 2019, and Iíve been flying it since January 2020. I donít know what the warranty period is, but they are sending me a new SIM4. The switch is surface mounted on a PCB, and maybe they canít just replace that board. At any rate, I am happy with the product, and very satisfied with the company support.
Good to hear they were able to replace the unit under warranty. Regardless of experimental or certified, everyone gets an STC'd unit. No differences in the product. The warranty is for two years.

Because the life of the product is relatively young, Surefly is not rebuilding or overhauling units. So, if you have a warranty issue, they will typically send you a new unit. This will eventually change as the product ages.

Happy flying!

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