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Default Condor 2 from Blake at Flyboy Accessories

I've purchased several items for my RV7 from Flyboy Accessories. I had a Bell fork and light weight tailwheel installed on the plane. Since I am still building, it's only been used to roll around the hangar. I was on the Flyboy's site recently and noticed the Condor2 Fork and pneumatic tire. It appears to be a larger version of the Bell fork that allows the 8" tire enough room. Several conversations with Blake had me placing an order.

I just received the Condor 2 fork, hub, and tire. My first impression is of a quality part. The split hub is machined beautifully! Standard process to get everything put together. One thing I noticed, the valve stem is really tucked inward and out of the way to avoid the fork. This could be a real challenge to get access to inflate. No worries though. Blake has included a stem extension that takes care of that challenge just fine. Other benefits are reports of decreased "road noise" when taxiing. The solid wheels can really transfer the noise of any surface imperfections of asphalt and other materials into the aluminum tailcone. The pneumatic tire should mute some of this. This tire is 2" lager in diameter compared to my prior setup. So...there is an inch of height increase. What happens if I get a flat? I can still use my lightweight wheel as a backup if/when, as it is interchangeable with this fork. This ais a really nice kit that I'm glad to own.

As always, Blake took excellent care of me. Top notch customer service and response to any question or request throughout.

Colorado Springs, CO
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