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Originally Posted by tkatc View Post

I assume I'm only aligning 2 planes:
1. They must be parallel so the wheels are aligned to each other
2. They must also be aligned with the centerline of the fuse.

Do I have that right? Parallel to each other skins easy enough...but parallel to the fuse raises more questions than answers. I've been thinking about running a laser line down the belly of the inverted fuse and take measurements from that...

1. Yes
2. Yes

The 8 wheel allignment is done in the final stages with tapered shims on the axle.

I measured my center line with plumb bobs dropped to the floor from the firewall and the rearmost bulkhead. I then drew an extended center line on the floor and measured from the center line outward to the fore and aft points of the angles that were clamped to the flat part of the gear legs where the axles attatch. You can use plumb bobs for this if your fuselage is upside down. You can get by with two plumb bobs. You probably could get by with only one.

You also want to get the ends of the gear legs the same distance fore and aft by measuring from the same point on the end of each gear leg to a center point somewhere on the tail, making sure both left and right measurements are the same.

Hope this makes sense!
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