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Default Landing gear alignment?

Anyone have a good write up of how they did the landing gear alignment? I'm using the grove airfoil gear so it is slightly different than Van's stock gear but very similar. I've searched here and google along with the usual sites but haven't stumbled upon one that fills in all the blanks. "Alignment for dummies".

I have 2 pieces of 8' angle from Home Depot waiting to be put to good use. I plan to clamp them to the gear and start measuring from different points but I DO NOT want to screw up this very critical step. I have zero tailwheel time as it is...the last thing I need is misaligned gear.

I assume I'm only aligning 2 planes:
1. They must be parallel so the wheels are aligned to each other
2. They must also be aligned with the centerline of the fuse.

Do I have that right? Parallel to each other seems easy enough...but parallel to the fuse raises more questions than answers. I've been thinking about running a laser line down the belly of the inverted fuse and take measurements from that...
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