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Originally Posted by DaAV8R View Post
I am installing the vent lines in the gear towers. It seems that the vent protruding from the fuse is going to be a pain for the balance of the build. Is there enough room beside the gear leg to install a bulkhead fitting in F-822-1 forward floor panel? This would allow the completion of the vent line in the tower before the side skins are installed and the installation of a flared stub at a later date.

If anyone has a pic of the location the vent passes by the gear leg that would be very helpful.
The answer is yes. The original version of the -8 (pre -1) showed a 1/4" bulkhead fitting on the plans. I can confirm that the pre-punched hole location in the -1 fuselage still provides enough room for a bulkhead fitting here.

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