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Originally Posted by Draker View Post
I have to agree. Planning the electrical and wiring, measuring and installing the harness wire by wire, making each connector and shield ground, and then turning it on and watching everything light up the first time, was one of the most rewarding parts of this project. Working on the electronics was always a nice break from "flute, cleco, drill, deburr, dimple, scuff, prime, cleco, rivet, repeat." Hard to believe I ran (and labeled) 400 circuits through this thing. N12VD schematic
I have to agree!! Next to first engine start, wiring was by far the most rewarding!! Especially when none of the factory smoke was lost!! I hear that stuff has about a six month lead time. . Side note. I did not do my schematic. A good buddy of mine did. Saved me months of planning.
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