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Default Rudder Counterweight Questions

I match drilled the rudder counterweight to the r-912 counter balance rib, but while match drilling in the drill press, it wallowed out the aft hole in the soft lead. The hole in the rib was fine. Because of the wallowed out hole in the lead, I replaced the counterweight and have the following questions:

1) The new counterweight appears to line up with the holes in the rib well. Is it acceptable to replace the weight with another that was not precisely match drilled if the holes line up fairly well? How precise must it be? You can see in the photo the #10 bolts go through pretty straight (these were #10 hardware store bolts I used temporarily while drilling to hold the pieces together):

2) My #10 screw dimple die will not fit through the #12 hole called for in the plans. I plan to start the counterweight dimple in the rib with a #8 and finish it with a #10 once the hole is stretched a bit to fit the correct dimple die. Is this an acceptable approach or is there a better method?

3) When countersinking the lead weight, do I want to go .007 below flush as I would with other countersinks? (see section 5 page 8 of manual)
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