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Originally Posted by Bavafa View Post
Very similar to Sam, I built and fitted everything in the garage, took it to the paint shop and from paint shop directly and for the first time to the hanger. My first flight was approximately two weeks later.
Building in the garage is one way to cut that 5+ years to a far shorter time. My first one took 11 months to build and second one is hoping to be done in 12 months pending back order parts.

Good luck with your build.
Same here. I did everything plus paint in the garage. I assembled the 6A on the ramp in about 2 weeks. Wings went on the first day, so securing wasn't an issue. The 10 I did in a hanger (winter) and about 1 month to first flight.

I did wing fitting on the driveway to help with prep and then disassembled.

I did not want the hassle of having to go to the airport to work on the build.
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