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Default Day 2 (continued)

The One Week Wonder painted in front of the EAA tent.

Phew...after a long night of little sleep, it was time to catch up with my friend Chad and his dad at the beer chalet. While not show center to watch the Blue Angels sufficed quite nicely.

The relocated Homebuilt Parking. Before HBP really had rock star parking location. There was a long thread on the change weeks before the event on VAF...however, this media representative didn't pay much attention since he's a HBC'er.

4 SNF's in a ROW!!!! That's how many times Quick Draw Jim Buechler has stolen a beer of mine right before his wife Paula snaps a pic.

Next up was HBC volunteer awards.

Hey...check out those WOOD FLOORS AT HBC! And not to be outdone...the wood floors have LIVE MUSIC! Two firsts for SNF.

Heidi and her team did an AMAZING job at HBC hosting all of us. It was a seamless transition from the previous years. THANKS SO MUCH HEIDI!!!

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