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Default Oil heater install question for 12iS

I finally got around to installing the REIFF oil heater. The original instructions are here:

I have a few questions for folks who have installed this in the 12iS configuration. First question has to do with the zip tie holes called out in the original instructions in step 2. The shape of the part to be drilled has changed (it's now a F-01201E-R-2). You can see the difference if you look at this update:

on page 29iS/U-09. I know that there were some cracking issues with this part. I'm reluctant to drill any holes in it in order to insert zip ties to retain the oil heater wires. Any suggestions on how to deal with this issue?

Second issue is where to place the heater under the #1 cylinder. I made a video showing where I've taped it initially:

Any comments appreciated. In hindsight, gluing this in place before installing the engine might have been easier Trying to figure out the best place for effective heating as well as easy of epoxying it in place.
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