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Well, don’t know how many occurrences are required to call something a pandemic, or how many countries to call it a global pandemic, but when I flew on Friday, I had the EXACT same issue - no fuel pump #2 and no green light. Diagnosed the problem today and the same root cause - poor contact at the HIC connector. Mine too was on pin #8. Wiggling the connector would cause the pump and light to operate intermittently. Noting would fail #1 pump, which was reassuring.

After disconnecting the connector from the HIC board, I removed the shell around the connector. Steinair used heat shrink around the wire bundle where it went into the connector shell to make a nice neat package. When I cut the shrink tube loose and reinstalled the connector, like magic, the pump started running. I was able to pull on #8 pin and cause intermittent misoperation. And there is discoloration on the female pin. After using a pin probe to gently push the segments of the female pin together for a tighter fit on the male pin, adding a wire tie several inches away from the connector and reinstalling without the heat shrink, I was no longer able to cause a failure by wiggling. So, the strain of the heat shrink in the outer pin is my conclusion for my failure.

And as a side note, this is the third time I’ve needed to remove the avionics bay cover since completion. I am so glad I modified the fiberglass canopy shroud to expose those otherwise hidden screws.

And yes, Scott, I will contact Support tomorrow with my findings.
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