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Default Timming Canopy help. (Pics)

]Iím curious how much trimming if any was required to trim your canopy.

Ive got my canopy up on the frame and aligned as absolutely as well as i can get it and it appears that i will have to trim at least 1/8th inch off the bottom of the canopy on BOTH sides where it meets the frame in order to satisfy the instructions.

Ive read posts in the past were folks left the canopy mostly untrimmed with left and right sides resting on the frame.

Cutting a full 1/8th off both sides FEELS very excessive, like I'm missing something or doing it incorrectly. Iím hoping that i simply am aligning my canopy incorrectly somehow and donít actually need to make cuts like this.

Could my canopy frame simply be bent in some strange way that Iím not seeing? Or is 1/8th inch trimming normal to get the canopy to fit the way it's intended?
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