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I looked for a commercially available kit but did not find one that met my needs so I just ordered a small quantity of EVERY size nut, washer, cotter pin, adel clamp, and RV size screw. I bought a few (4) packs of Field & Stream 360 Utility Boxes (inexpensive boxes with good closing tabs) to put all my hardware in. Harbor Freight also sells some similar boxes but the closing tabs are of poor design. I load the hardware into the adjustable size slots in the Field Stream boxes, organized by size. When one size runs out I just order them on my next order from Aircraft Spruce. I keep the various hardware in the individual bags ACS sends them in so if the box falls off the bench I have a pile of bags and not assorted hardware intermingled all over the ground. The boxes allow you to bring the parts to the work area so you don't have to run back and forth to the toolbox. I also move them back and forth between the garage and the hangar in a large Dewalt tool bag I had laying around.

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