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Default Few photos frrom SnF trip

Here is the link to them, I didn't take as many this year as I normally do:

0515 takeoff and climb to 9500' sunrise was a little northwest of KATL

Homebuilt camping, the gathering tent even had a wooden platform this year

Making room for "That's All Brother" to get by, while waiting longer then we should have to takeoff

Cedar Key for Lunch, best part of the trip! This was after the bowl of clams :-)

We normally go down in the middle of the week and come back on Saturday but the weather wasn’t looking to good for the weekend so we left before lunch on Thursday. We had a nice tail wind coming home. We stayed at 8500’ coming home until a little southwest of Nashville where we had to descend to 2800’ and fly through some rain “free plane wash” the rest of the way. We flew all the way back from Cedar Key, we stopped at X35 for fuel before Cedar Key, nonstop with 12 gallons remaining when we landed.
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