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Default Dem Dunes

I had not been there since I was 8 years old, Andi had never been there, but we both wanted to go. Somewhere just east of Chicago lies a neat little place called the Indiana Dunes. I'm pretty sure there is no place in the midwest quite like it, and it is only 2hrs away in the garage-built contraption.

A few phone calls confirmed the comments on airnav that there was a gas war on at KGYY (Gary International Airport). They had $5 avgas and the new FBO at B. Coleman was almost complete - they could set us up with a cheap rental car and book a room at a nice rate. Even the weather cooperated - mild, sunny and tailwinds down and back!

We departed early and you know how the story begins....

Cool and smooth at 7500, we were making good time over Badgerland

We ran out of land and hit a big lake - directions said turn south

Is that the Emerald City in the distance?

We passed the Baha'i Temple (check the flyway chart)

and finally got up close and personal with the Windy City

Awesome scenery!


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