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Default Laura and Mike's Southwest Odyssey 2014

Odyssey, not just the name of an old book. Or, a battery.

Laura and I headed out on Sat morning May 17 to finally go on the vacation we have been talking about doing for years.

First stop was Page AZ, where we stayed for two nights, and did a river trip below Glen Canyon Dam on Sunday, and a photo tour of Antelope Canyon on Monday.

Classic Aviation in Page took good care of us, shuttle to our hotel and back again-------thanks Jeremy

Shot of Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

Inside Antelope Canyon------one of 500 or so photos Laura took in the canyon.

Monday afternoon, we flew to Chinle AZ so we could visit Canyon De Chelly.

Major cross wind at Chinle airport, but the 10 made me look like a good pilot. The wind sock tells it all--------wings are parallel to the runway.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn, and the manager drove out to the airport to shuttle us into town, 8--10 miles or so, and no charge for it. Evalina----thanks so much for the hospitality.

Canyon De Chelly----------simply amazing time, we did a Jeep (actually in a Surburban) tour that was outstanding. The tour picked us up at the hotel. The canyon goes on for miles in 3 or 4 major forks, it would take many days to see it all.

A shot of part of Canyon De Chelly on our way out of Chinle.

Wednesday morning we flew to Monument Valley.

Notice the slope of the runway-----this is not an illusion, it is very much up slope when landing. You need to land with a lot flatter glide ------dont ask how I know --------and you better get it right the first time, as a go around may pose a bit of a problem.

After Monument Valley, we went back to Page for a couple more nights, on Friday we rented a car and drove to Zion National Park.

Saturday flight home was interrupted by weather, so we put down in Saint George UT for a couple hours, then were able to make it all the way back without any further delays.

You know what Rosie always says...................

No way in the world we could have crammed this much enjoyment into a week if we were confined to driving..........

More photos located here.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed it.
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