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Default Adjustable Ergonomic Seating and BRS Compatible

#1 Adjustable Seats ( Standard or as an Option )

With more women pilots, instructors at flight schools, etc. letís make sure the RV-15 fits them as well. This is an opportunity for Vans Aircraft to design the new RV-15 with broadly flexible seating ergonomics. Shorter stature women need to be accommodated with seats that allow say a 5+ foot tall person to fly as easily as a person who is 6 Ĺ feet tall.

#2 Option for later adding a Ballistic Recovery System

If the fuselage could be designed so that future retrofits for a BRS system could be accommodated, that would also be a huge selling point. So the suggestion here is to simply make the RV-15 BRS retrofit capable. This might simply be an option to later install this optional BRS system itself so to speak. In other words, extra bracing and a BRS compatible top fuselage cover might be what constitute the BRS retrofit option.

Choosing the retrofit option does not mean you are buying or getting ready to install the actual BRS system itself. You are basically just future proofing the RV-15 . Kind of like outfitting a plane to make it float capable.
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