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Originally Posted by David Paule View Post
Here's the detail that Russell is referring to:

For the benefit of anyone following the thread and possibly having a different version of the plans. This was from my plans, dated 11-25-84. There is a revision incorporated, R1, dated 5/00, which did not affect this area.

Yup, that's on my sheet 23 too. Mine are dated the same. Thing is, that my sheet 21 and 22 (of the same date) show only one row of rivets (and different rivet spacing in other areas). And my plane seems to have been built in accordance to these sheets 21 and 22, and thus in contradiction with sheet 23. My question was basically: was the builder a renegade moron who cut corners? Answer: no, he just stuck to sheets 21 and 22 (or perhaps an older version of the plans).

I don't feel the need to rebuild half of my fuselage now. There are more aircraft flying around with a single row of rivets there, and they are not falling out of the sky left and right.

Still, it is interesting how conflicting versions of something this fundamental have found their way in the same set of drawings, dated on the same day.
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