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Originally Posted by cdeerinck View Post
What happened to the rear of your canopy skirt? That doesn't look normal to me at all.

I'm jealous of all the space you have. I'm building out of single car garage.
The skirt is now apparently a two-piece item. It looks like it will take a LOT of fabrication and fiddling. I'll keep you posted.

You can never have enough space. The photo of the finish kit inventory is in the garage section of the building;the main shop is 25x25, but the two spaces are only connected with two narrow interior doors. Big pieces have to transfer outside via the garage doors. Before I started building, I did some matching scale drawings of both the shop and the airplane and played with cutouts to make sure I would be able to fit the aircraft with the wings inserted for setting the incidence. Done some double-checking, and it is possible... but it's going to be really tight in all directions. Same with the painting in my collapsible interior booth; the fuselage is gonna be a bear.
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