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Originally Posted by Arablenz View Post
Hi Steve,
Thanks very much for taking your time to show us the painting of your plane . It is very valuable for those of us who haven't done it before. I have been wondering how you applied the alodine to such a large non flat areas with success?
I have been alodining my internal skins with a sprayer as my dip tank is to small for such large pieces and I find I have to use a lot more alodine to keep everything wet.
I used a pump sprayer to alodine the overall airplane. it's the same sprayer I use to spray water on the booth floor prior to painting. the alodine finish was not uniform. the question I have is, did I really need alodine? I don't live by the ocean. PPG recommends 4 hrs to prime after alodine and the primer has a 7 day window for painting. that puts you in a time box for getting it done.

and thx for the kind words. there is usually nothing to do between coats of paint so I take pictures. posting helps keep me motivated. so I am using all the levers at my disposal to help myself. it is a big job and I'm taking small bites.

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