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Default UAvionix TailBeaconX mounting and performance

Does anyone have a TailBeacon X flying? How is performance?

The installation manual suggests mounting it high on the tail to avoid shadowing by the elevator.

The RV8 tail light is down low, and not in the recommended location.

It looks like it might be OK as there is a bit of room behind the elevator. Only GPS satellites on the horizon neat the flight course would be blocked.

A second concern is that the tail beacon is low on a tail dragged and at risk of FOD.

Finally, I need to mount a rear strobe for night flight.

I am leery of relocating the beacon to the top of the rudder as it a flight control. On the flip sid, the TailBeacon X is only a few ounces.

If I use the standard, low location I would mount the rear strobe in the fairing at the top of the vertical fin and would not disturb a flight control.
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